Names Of The Constellations

Poem By Margaret Alice

All visible stars contained
within eighty-eight Constellations
- the Author claimed
names that intrigue
my Wandering but Meeting-bound Mind:
the Tarantula Nebula is in Dorado, the Goldfish
Hydra, the Water Snake is the largest constellation
while Crux, the Southern Cross is the smallest one
– a word of explanation:
the stars in Constellation have no relations
only sharing proximity in the sky
as seen from earth -
the brightest star is called Sirius
Canis Major, the Great Dog
the brightest star, the shining Lucida
in Orion, the Hunter, Rigel is called
while the brightest star in Carina, the Ship’s Keel
is known as Canopus -
with the names of the Constellations
I might just write my Magnum Opus!

Comments about Names Of The Constellations

Love this starry theme Margaret, a most informative piece all worked to the rythyms of poetry.... fab! HG: -) xx

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