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Names Upon The Stage
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Names Upon The Stage

Silently covered,
Names I never heard
Floors I never stood,
The holocaust to feel them die,
When they cry.

Imagine ancient quilts,
And scripts upon a page.
A silver meadows shadow,
The names upon the stage.

Good to see remembered,
Tears and Life, the same.
Just to many truths,
For such an insane game.

Imagine all the people,
And scripts upon a page.
The blank parade of faces,
And names upon the stage.

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I saw the Aids quilt foir the first time in Portland, Maine in the spring of 1988. The quilt was much smaller then and it was being displaed in an old High School gym which also doubled as an auditorium, so it had a stage at one end. Above the stage hung rows & rows of quilts... These were 'The names upon the stage.'