Names You Seldom See Used In The Same Sentence

The old man relinquished his place in the long line
When his heart didn't like his tight shoes
Deciding it was time for it to take a break
His body just dropped to the concrete
Collapsing in front of the many children
All of whom were waiting to see Harry Potter
The old man's death went practically unnoticed
Though the lies flew like butterflies from the mouths
Of the overly protective parents
Wishing to shield their children from the truth
They said the old man had just fallen asleep
As the paramedics covered his body with a sheet
And placed him in the back of a coroner's van
Never to be seen or heard from again....
Unlike Harry Potter or Osama Bin Laden


by Ted Sheridan

Comments (1)

Ted, it is seldom real life is depicted with such frank and sincere clarity as you manage to do, but you ask the question bravely... Of the two names Potter is the one who'll leave a lunatic legacy. Osama we might hate for all the right reasons but he IS for real. Rgds, Ivan