To Jm: Can I See With Your Eyes?

Why, surely,
let our minds fly off
where oft they do, too oft alone
to soar beyond mere words
through aether regions
long untried by wings
mine strongly tied to strength of winds
where often fled I clouds to hide within.

I will to wing on wing,
with hand in hand –
write and fly WITH YOU
to explore all those – ahh,
wonderful places
where words have taken me
where words have taken you

What do you think?
What airforce wings
full powered by your lust or love
for natures’s gifts by Muses left
do you wear, in skies above
earth’s maiden fare, too far below
upon your brazen chest, I know.

Let us Jetstream on Eagles wings
Aurora’s northern rainbow flow
through blinding lights of open eyes
to darkness of those winter skies
a stream of consciousness where lies
a breath of fresh poetic air –

or take a Helicopter ride
that hovers still by mountain side
to feel the awesome ridges rise
and swirl through vertigo’s vortex
sucked into theme’s erratic ride
grasping words like Seize the Day
and take me with you all the way.

Alas, too fast you are for me
my weakened wings can fly no more –

maybe a Concorde SST
might have created less a chore
until you reached out wings aloft
like fingers touching mine, too soft,
and gave me strength renewed your gift
that kept aloft my hopes to fly
to see with keener poet’s eye
so flight alone with my own lift
by air streaming
by just dreaming
in perfect symmetry
the poet and his shadow dark
I filled with faith and pride
the eagle and the morning lark
in flight here by your side.

by Lorenzo Costigliolo

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You sure love your bananas hey, lovely fruit indeed abduction this poem says it all