Nancy And Manilal

It is a village of beauty and green
A lot of amusements are there
He is a insane youth living at that place
Helping others to fetch water to their home
H e is Manilal by name and
an orphan living lying under trees
He is very helpful to his villagers
for hisconsumption of handful meals
H e is a good and noble insane ofcourse!
He fell in the love of Nancy
Who was a only daughter of devil Prachi
Their love grows day by day as a crop
There it spreads as a spark of fire
The spark reached the ears of her father
His anger goes to top of the peak
to smash their love
He planned to kill him in fire
Manilal doesnot know this cruel plan
He is sleeping under a tree
Prachi comes to near the tree and
set fire on Manilal ‘s body
Cried in highpitch due to burns
There Prachi enjoys his cry
In a fraction of a second
Nancy came and embraced with love
The fire on his body embraced her too
Nancy died with her sweet lover
Again love conquers and
left it’s mark in the History of Love

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