Nancy Pelosi

A treasure.
A gift to unwrap from the past.
For those discovering,
That a sitting to listen respectfully.
To a nonsense passed and to accept,
Today will not continue to have it last.
Or agree to it.
If the people are neglected.
And their voices unheard,
Are not given the representation...
Nancy Pelosi believes they deserve.
Regardless of her gender.
To serve an agenda.
With it done to approve.
Like other women should quietly do.
This is not what Nancy Pelosi chooses.
Knowing who she is to have earned.
And proven.
Whether liked or disliked for her tenacity.
Nancy Pelosi,
Is a gift from the past.
Who has risen to represent,
Those who may despise her tactics.
On both sides of the aisle,
Defending their nonsense...
In a government forgetting,
All the people...
And not a few promoting,
Selfish interests will be represented.
Be you black, brown or white.
Or selected to dislike.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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