GG (9/15/90 / Chicago)

Napkin # 2

i'm writing faster than i'm breathing it's exhilarating it's freedom it's ecstacy for free all you need is a pen i'm ranting like i did when i was a white headed child playing in the mud singing stories to the flowerbed and chanting to the beat of my thump thump and scraping my knees and writing in blood an oath to the world an oath to love as my world split at the seams like a too small tee on a too tall person only they're tall in the sense of the word that means they're fat and i pledged myself to never give up and never hold grudges and always live for others and i never ran out of breath and i always ran as fast as i could and i never cared if it was good enough cause the oxygen and the blood never made it to my brain and i never thought clearly and i didn't care because i didn't need to think clearly and who invented clearly anyways and i invented my own clearly one that involved screaming and running and dancing and mud yes lots of mud and i never let go of my soul i never gave an inch and unto that i hold because at the end of the day you can lend your heart out and at the end of the day the red muscle can be sold but you can never never never let go of your soul because it's sewn at the seams with such spell binding thread that no number of jelly donuts could ever hope to tear you away

by Garrity Guenther

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