(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Dear Son

Dear son, dear son, dear son,
I feel weight of more than ton,
It gives me worry and lot of pain,
All my efforts seem to go in vain,

No selfish intention to nurture and bring,
Every parents dream and desire beautiful spring,
Wish their son to become big man or king,
Obey them, listen and nicely sing,

We did all we could for your uplift,
This too with zeal and in good spirit,
Thought you may offer candle and lit,
All hopes dashed and you delivered a hit,

You went for your choice in education,
Spent whole summer in complete vacation,
You neglected very future in question,
Ruled you out even hint or brief mention,

You were adamant and chose your partner,
Proved to be fast and very bad listener,
We sensed trouble sooner or later,
Proved trouble maker and staunch hater,

How much we cared but you did not keep?
Single expectation but made us weep,
Not a day passed with peaceful sleep,
Heart misses a beats with erratic beep,

You had an eye on our meager saving,
Compelling us to part or forceful giving,
We have no desire or wish it to hold,
Appreciate your way to turn us cold,

Nothing will go against your way,
You will have all and complete say,
We will make it smooth and pave the way,
You don’t have face dark but have shining rays,

We could have given everything you wanted,
The way you executed made we fainted,
Relatives may not spare but label you tainted,
Full trees grown after seeds we had planted,
Little hesitation on our part made you wild,
Forgot you all respect and nature mild,
Never thought! You were our beloved child,
Always at service with protective shield,

This story is repeated in every house,
As we see universal presence of mouse,
Feeling deeply hurt and passions rouse,
Crying over split milk is of no use

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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