Narcissistic Tasks (Baited To Cater)

Narcissistic tasks endeavored,
To prove with threats...
Egocentrics limited,
To their own self interests.
And attention to get.
Is an unhealthy mentality,
Kept possessed to obsess.
With a baited to cater,
To ignorance.
Although believing to inflict,
Devastation permits...
Those just as thoughtless,
More opportunity...
To infest with a manifested,
Stupidity left uncontested.

Narcissistic tasks,
Baited to cater.
Does not end bigotry.
Or a hatred that divides.
Narcissistic tasks,
Only supplies...
Those who survive,
Opportunities to forget...
A greatness to enforce,
An endorsement of it.
Repeated again.
To leave...
Another civilization,
Baited to cater threats.
Until death to vow...
Narcissistic tasks allow.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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