At the University gate Koyel confessed one day
'You know, I had a horrible dream last night'!

Short and curled hair, blue-eyed Koyel dislikes
colouring lips
Bra..No...Never, speaks polished English
a Goanese
And with a packet in her hand in the very second dating,
'Will you help me Swucoomer to manage this saree'
Such innocent

'Dream! Funny! ' I said,
'Shall tell you a very sad tale one day'
Koyel smiled and while observing her icy teeth,
I wondered whether colour of sorrow is such white, cool
And to my utter surprise Koyel asked:
'Have you seen any N a r c i s s u s?

'Yeah, a lot on the heart of that Suicide Lake'
And Koyel surrendored: Hopeless!
Let's go to Ramdaspeth to see Ganapati Bappas....


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