TB ( / Preston Lancashire England)

Something About You

You keep on the edge of my seat
You know when I'm down
You know how to bring me to my feet
You know me inside & out & it drives me crazy
You know everything I'm about to say
Never in a day could I go without being with you
When you hold me tight I know everything is going to be okay
You always wipe my tears away
Everything about you sends shivers going up & down my spine
There's something about you that I can't put my finger on
It's like a strange sign that's hidden inside of you
When you are with me I don't know what to say
Its you & I together that makes us, us
No matter what anybody says or does you love me for the way I am!

by Heather Hill

Comments (3)

Great imagery, thanks for telling this fascinating story :)
Your poem is a good version of Narcissus tale. I thought of Mr. Galanis as well, as I was reading your poem.
I am a bit surprised that my friend, Dimitrios has not commented on your poems based on mythology. Well done, Tom