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Narration During The Festival's Day
FMA (21/2/1407A-H / Yemen -Dhamar- Wosab...Ala'li)

Narration During The Festival's Day

Poem By Faisal Mohammed Abdoh Goadah. Alwosaby

Once I came a cropper
But of no avail
In cold blood
I n the cart
Charmingly she smiled and said
You had better not try
And she was snowed under by
The weather rains cats and dogs
Then she became cool as cucumber
And , I was in the horns of a dilemma
Also , in the doldrums
That Hopson's choice
other at loose ends
At my fingertips
To take the plunge
So, I got the better of her
With flying colours I became
Then burry the hatchet I will do,
Which was crystal clear,
I caught her napping.

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