Narrow, Shallow And Mundane

Narrow, shallow and mundane.
Many have decided to resist this and split.
And not try to make any sense of it.

A peace of mind obtained,
If it can remain sustained...
Should be valued and claimed.
Along with a name that is not defamed.

To sit and witness a twistedness,
Is not healthy to absorb to maintain in one's brain.

See the narrow, shallow and mundane,
As a motivating factor to quit.
To allow the Sun to lift,
From a drenching rain.
It is possible to live life without conflict.

Separate from those,
Who have made this their reality.
They are in a collective mix.
And fixed...
To being narrow, shallow and mundane.
What more proof does one need of it?

Is there reason to argue this with them?
Is it?
Unless there is an enjoyment received from abusiveness?
Is it?
Along with the name calling that has no shame.
Is this something one should miss?
Is it?

Is something with the others who insanely accept,
In a gleeful derangement set in mindsets to exchange...
That addicting?
Is it?

So much so it can not be forgotten and left to leave,
To rot.
What is the need to feel attached to that?
Why can't these afflictions if not wanted...
Can not be dropped and stopped?

What is it with 'this' that is so hypnotic?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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