Narrow Vision

No interests do I have,
To revive useless concepts.
The time was ripe when they were fresh.
And your acceptance of them now,
Will not 'update' their effectiveness.

You chose to ignore the signs of change.
You did this because you thought I was there,
To make a name.
There to boost my own ego.
Or to produce an advancement of fame!

Guess what?
I had 'that'!
Long before you knew!
Much longer than you have been awakened.
Did you think your tired acts,
Would stop me in my tracks?

And I needed you...
For some personal dream,
That I wished with you pursued?
I am giving!
But not that sacrificial.

I've been motivated to move forward,
For too long!
And you've been there,
With your nose up in the air...
For all the wrong reasons!

Reflecting the benefits,
Of a quality of life...
Uplifting all insights.
You have totally ignored,
By your narrow vision.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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