Narrowed Perceptions

Sheltered and narrowed perceptions accept,
Success and achievement one expects to get...
Is a doting done by someone who comes,
To flatter them with comments done...
With an increasing of an ego that feeds,
On a feasting releasing adored and idol praise.

'Of course,
All of this is nonsense! '
Retorts the one who player hates.
And continuing to say with hints of jealousy...

'None of that which I do,
Can take place without strict discipline.
Or without focused determination too.
Since little time is given to reflect,
On the wearing of titles to puff up one's chest.'

~These medals I wear are heavy around my neck.
Would you mind carrying a few of them,
To enable me to stand up straight and correct? ~

'What do I look like to you?
A coat rack? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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