* Naseer, Don’t Ever Say Goodbye!

Poem By Angelina Pandian

How do you sing your songs
Just so sweetly - Like
Golden Honey peach
Soft and luscious
Dripping with wisdom
Each line each word
Plucked with such care
And arranged so wonderfully.
I hear your song wafted
Gently with the breeze
It flies across to reach
A million souls which wait
To quench their thirst
At the cool deep spring
The oasis we call Naseer's Poems.
Your flow of thoughts, dear friend
Matches the flow of colours & hues
Woven with skill and so resplendent
The play of words it plays tag
With the shadows and the wind
Your poems float like a song
From a flute no words only soul
It soothes, surrounds, fills
And sinks into my soul
Like dew drops of the early morning
Like rain drops on parched desert land
I do not read but only read
And let out a soft sigh!
Now, I hear you say, Good bye
Dear friend, I can not bear
To hear such words so painful
Like hot lead poured into my ear
There are tears in my eye
And I cry!
Do not say good bye, Naseer
Not yet, not so soon, never
Please do not say good bye
Do you plan to migrate
Like a Sarus crane to other lands
Do tell me I shall spread my wings
To join you on your journey too
Be the leading one flying into the sun
We shall follow in formation behind
You leave me dumbfounded
Bewildered, aghast I find myself
Suddenly all so alone in a fog
Why? Why do you say good bye?
My heart keeps asking, why?

Comments about * Naseer, Don’t Ever Say Goodbye!

you voice my thoughts, feelings and concern when first I read Naseer bidding good bye. he has such a compassionate, sensitive heart, and his poems touch one to the core of ones being. I am so glad you made him change his mind. a heart felt poem, Angelina, your sincerity shines through all the way. Mamta
anyone that can make my friend Naseer stay on this sight, and the poetry I have been reading from you. You have my vote also. I am so glad naseer ask me to read some of your poems
A wonderful tribute to Naseer, serving as a plea to him to remain in PH. Wonderful, Angelina.
I am not familiar with this poet, but i will check him out.......... Wonderful tribute to your friend Naseer...........10 Milica

3,5 out of 5
33 total ratings

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