(September 30th 1959 / Genoa (Italy))

Nat - Nocturnal Song Of An Errant Shepherd Of America

'What are you doing, moon, in the sky? tell me, what, silent moon? '
Giacomo Leopardi

Nat (alone) :
I'll smoke this narghile so I'll become an addict.
I'll be a good customer, I'll have excellent supplies.

(He leaves his narghile and goes outdoors)

Stars look, light diffuses. Infinite Universe around us!
Men and women need their places as you, planets, in the heavens.

(He sees a cyclamen dressed Angel and turns towards him)

God's Angel, my friend: God is only one, you're many.
Stay on earth among us, we need you.

We're heralds, what do you expect?
When we speak, people don't hear.
Should I show you the Paradises's way?

Saint Angel, my friend:
I found many ways. I've to continue.

To be continued

by Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello

Comments (1)

Strange, I did omit this one. Pity, we really do not always hear the angels, when they speak...Well penned, intriguing, an interesting dialogue and ingenious, promising end of the poem...