Natalie's Poem

Barbies and dollhouses during the day,
Designing houses for serious play.
All the while watching Nick-at-Nite,
Sponge Bob and Cat Dog all within sight.

Calling Kelly to come over and play,
Off to swim practice for another day.
Riding bikes up and down in the court,
Taking sheets and chairs to build a fort.

Petting our cat -pretending to be Dr. Evil.
Riding a skateboard and learning to swivel.
Sliding down the hill in the winter snow,
Making a snowman-carrot for a nose.

Dressing up in costume and putting on a skit,
Parents at parties love this bit.
Fourth of July sand castles and Christmas ribbons,
Sometimes in trouble but always forgiven.

Pajama party nights with all your friends,
Hoping the fun will never end.
Your loving smile like bright sun on the sea,
God's creation: our loving Natalie.

by Mark Anderson

Comments (1)

Very beautiful words - this made me smile - it brought back memories of my childhood - the line that reads - 'Taking sheets and chairs to build a fort' - I think we must of used all the sheets my mum had in the closet for this purpose. Thank you for the smile. x