Native Born

I love it when I am approached by someone,
Who is totally oblivious to my attachment...
To my ethnicity that is affliated with my appearance.
I want to be identified as a Blackman of pride.
And dignity.

There are many who are of African ancestry,
Who are still in debate about that.
I've never been puzzled about the issue.
So whenever I am approached and questioned,
How does it feel to be a Black man living...
With feelings that are isolated?
I have to ensure I respond to that...
With a confirmation someone with a consciousness,
Has indeed asked me that question.

Since it should be obvious,
I have a head full of hair dreadlocked for a reason.
And one of them is not to keep what I feel hidden.
I have already been a 'Negro'.
I am an American.
Native born.
Like my daddy and my momma...
And their daddies and mommas before them.
I am extremely proud of my Indian heritage as well.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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