An angel of God visited me today,
I could hardly believe my eyes.
When I heard what he had to say,
I could hardly believe my ears ~
I was nearly frightened to tears;
He did, however, allay my fears.

He said I would be mother to a son.
I knew not man ~ I wanted to run
But I said, 'unto me your word be done.'

At the appointed hour, the Holy Spirit
Will overshadow you and you'll conceive;
Be not afraid, Mary, no reason to fear it.

This is God's will for your Son and you;
With every good grace you He will imbue~
Jesus is the Infant King and Saviour, too.

Joseph will be a good husband and father,
He'll be your protector all his life ~
He loves you much, Mary, like no other.

He'll love your Child, teach him many things`
He'll be blessed with the joy fatherhood brings,
Both of you'll delight when Baby Jesus sings.

So Mary rest easy for now and dream
Of the exciting and blessed life you'll live.
God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit deem

You have been chosen and blessed~
The Son of God is your womb's Guest~
Saving humanity from sin will be his quest.

by Carmela Patterson

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