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Nativity Of The Word

In the beginning there was one word
It accumulated into journals without censorship
Well-preserved, hidden behind vertical blinds of theatrical minds
Unstoppable when it finally justified its presence with vital functions
Telemarketing to a United Nation of Samaritans
Giving them judiciary rights to smother and shock many
Aquarius to Scorpios with their delicacies
Promoting philosophy of free poetic speech
20/20 vision to guide you to a sixth sense
Sense of veritable pleasure striking the vicinity of your psyche
Mind-altering drugs with verbal minerals better than Vitamin water
Quenching your cultural and commercial thirsts
As you construct lyrical pieces using the eyes of others
Displaying verses handwritten on your conceptually bright walls
It became clear this one word had beautified your home
Giving you the impulse to collect such golden inspired nuggets
Reducing the signs of aging
Simply by smoothing the daily cream of creativity
Translating them on the MP3 player of your mind
Also integrated on the Web with great authority
Postal 39-cent stamps no longer needed to find you a fan
Come take a look and see
Step inside this free poetical garden
A grand opening with hugs and scented garlands
For you will taste the fruit of a poet’s labor
Offered to you with joie de vivre
Such precious inheritance
So take a peek at the delectable menu of verses
And remember how it all began
With the natural birth of just one word
(c) 1/2006Facebutter

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