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Natural Beauty

A clear representation of nature's worth
Unadorned by false ointments, mostly sought
Quite extraordinary a portrait, so phenominal
Uncorrupted by sheer madness, very normal
Of society's changing course of modernity
Embracing fading fashion with abnormality
But unadulterated or untainted lies thy beauty
Fading not in nature's changing course, a reality
Genuine lies thy obvious and palpable cuteness
Thy fair tender brightness of much goodness
An integral origin holds thy native charm
Charming still from eyes to a lift of thy arm
Inherent feature bears thy cute smiles
Being quite intrinsic, nice dimples on smiles
To a considerable extent, lovely to behold
For pleasing to thy eye tempts I to hold
Thy tender waist of such a beauty as mine
With succulent lips deserving kisses of mine
As hold you in my arms in our lovable state
To be pulled back by admiration at any rate
For such a honey-pie worth calling a dazzler
Having fallen in love with such attractive smasher
For unvarnished not exaggerated lies thy beauty
Being tangible and priceless stands my cutie
Meaningful and undoubted glares thy sweetness
And so in my verse, my lady's beauty lies timeless.

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