Natural Friendship

Oh what do you seek when you dance 'neath the moon,
The warm summer sweat on your limbs?
I'm seeking her guidance; I'm asking a boon,
Away from humanity's whims.

Oh what do you seek when you lie 'neath the sun
And let him be-freckle your face?
I'm seeking his blessing, for I've been undone;
I'm wrapped in his fiery embrace.

Oh what do you seek when you gaze at the stars
And follow their patterns above?
I seek inspiration and healing for scars;
For in their soft light there is love.

Oh what do you seek when you stare at the clouds
And watch as their shapes change and shift?
I'm seeking a vision away from the crowds;
And they freely offer this gift.

Oh please tell me why you must wander alone
And rest 'neath the tall, silent trees?
I value their friendship, for they do not moan
Or fling empty words at the breeze.

by M. Teresa Blaylock

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