Natural Light

There is nothing wrong in seeing life,
From your perspective and point of view.
That has never been a question I presented to you.
I just have questions why you should have a need,
To constantly borrow my flashlight.
By now your decision to live in darkness,
Seems to be something you are not familiar with.
Or one you are trying to pretend,
Makes more sense than the one I have chosen.
The one I am comfortable in.

And I am to be convinced...
Your way of life is right and envied?
And for you makes tremendous sense?
And you tell me I'm the one in need of therapy?

If I am going to have shadows around me...
The sun is going to be above.
Natural light.
Nothing I need to borrow.
Or discuss its value...
As I stumble around to find my way.
I've done that.
Charading then in masquerade.
No one could tell me I was not fabulous.
A breath of fresh air.
But the staleness of my routine helped me to awaken.
You still have not arrived.
And that's okay.
Either you will...
Or you will kill yourself!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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