IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Natural Selection For Friend Thad

I am a male an alpha plus.
My only purpose is to breed,
to sow the seeds of genius.
So that my offspring will succeed.

I am the leader of the pack.
No one is fit to take my place.
I have the wisdom which they lack.
I am the wolf who sets the pace.

We work together as a team
but I direct the strategy
I have the wit to plan and scheme
The other wolves defer to me.

That is the way it has to be
As long as I am best I’ll lead.
Some day some pup will challenge me
and hopefully he will succeed..

I am a male an alpha plus
but even alpha males grow old.
In nature it was ever thus
The leadership goes to the bold.

I’m not the wolf I used to be.
I’ve had my time now I must leave.
The pack goes on triumphantly
just as it should do I believe..

To lead the pack a privilege
that’s only open to a few.
Who have the strength and the knowledge
to rule the pack as they must do.

A pack that lacks strong leadership
will very quickly succumb to
lack of direction and hardship.
A leader must know what to do.

But also know he must give way.
To new leader in due course
He’s played the part he had to play
a law that nature will enforce.

Only the best is fit to lead
life is a struggle to survive.
Though a strong leader will succeed
ensuring that his pack will live.

Though leaders come and leaders go.
The pack remains an entity
Since time began it has been so
and will for ever seemingly.

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