Naturally In Love

Walking through the trees,
Feeling the sun on my back,
The grass winding through my toes.
And you are here with me.

My heart races as we run,
Running through the weeds,
Down the winding paths,
Ending at the waters edge.

The sunlight brilliantly glitters,
The rock glistens as the water washes over them,
I slowly leave the bank wading through the water.
Why cant we just live in this moment forever?

Sweet skeleton of honeysuckle and columbine dance through the air,
The warm gentle breeze playing with my hair,
Then you step up and wrap your strong arms around me.
Time just stop please-keep us right here.

I look down and watch the water trickle past my ankles,
So cold bit yet alot welcoming.
I can hear the birds singing as they fly,
And their song of love is in perfect tune with the one im my heart

The kisses on my neck are so sweet and so sure,
Feeling like our love is becoming so simple,
The kind that is oh so easy to fall into,
Love that is pure and true.

And during all of this I couldn't help but think,
If time did stop now- in this moment,
I would be so very happily content
Surrounded and wrapped with my wonderfully natural love.

by Monica Lynn Mason

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