Poem By Sumeet Mahanti

Bedecked with the golden moments of time
Mother Earth carrying the burden of numerous lives,
ornately decorated with rivers, mountains, seas and land
-beauty of a creation so magnanimously it imbibes

A deliberate balance of nature created
by the laws of survival of the fittest,
nature at it’s best –taking it’s own course
to enrich the lives of million dwellers –to the fullest

The Sun playing it’s part contributing light
which in abandon illuminating the Earth at daytime,
the moon’s coolness supplementing the Sun
with it’s glorious radiance calming the nighttime.

The wind caressing the surface of the Earth
countering the heat generated by the light,
perfect balance and harmony created
amidst the daily changes of life

The onset of rain amidst clapping of clouds
bringing smiles on the peasants who look upon the Nature God,
as the sole-blessers of their means of livelihood-
Nature at it’s best – bedecked with the golden moments of time.

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