Sweet melodies, swift summer breeze.
No one stopping nor steering you,
It's owned by a greater hand, who rules over our land.
Come kiss the ocan, meet the breaking waves.
Clean the beaches and rob the shores of shells and sand.
Sun, warm the earth, but set again, least you scorch the land.
Night, cool the hot earth, cool the colors from high noon.
Sway the Evergreen tree, comfort the baby birds.
Stay in love with nature, spread winged seeds.
Snap the leaves from trees come time for them to leave.
Welcome, snow flakes, too cool the land, and blanket us
Embracing the earth.
Falling drops that melt the snow, giving drink to all the young.
Peals of heavenly hearalds, thunder thru the land,
Making sound for all the world;
Like greybeard prophets of impending doom.
Shaking the land in dire accent.
Announcing it's Master.

by Maureen L. Smith

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Bucky - I am so glad to see you are writing. I like what you have said and really hope to see more. Thank you for sharing with us.