Here to provide a place for you,
how about a little care for me too?

Birdsongs near streams,
and a babbling brook;
from the whisper of dreams,
the beauty - just look!

Need for man to take his role,
do his part in pollution control;
to many of you but I do my art,
up to you now - take your part.

Sent you a message in my work,
see the horizons where my storms lurk.

Don't cut all my trees as you'll need air,
yes I know it's not always fair;
sometime you must put life before job,
or from all existence you will rob.

Death comes for all and doesn't care,
even if you were an object that's rare;
I do what I can, but can do only so much,
but if you don't help, I'll have you for lunch.

by Mike Licht (Rhyet)

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