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The nature has its own exquisiteness which shows different view,
Nature God is the only Cause for me and you,
The mountains, The Waterfalls, The Oxygen that we take,
Without Rain and Water our life is fake,
The dew in the morning grass Spark like a diamond
When spring come the grand color of the leaf in Almond
It is difficult to elucidate how it look,
When birds chirps and newly instinctive rose at a hook,
When I am alone standing beside my window facing southern end,
The barren land the meadows says me that her beauty never end,
The butterflies the colorful birds spreading their colors,
Look like nature has painted new on their feathers,
Soft cold wind some time touch my face,
As they are free and making a race,
The season of nature taught us to survive,
By harming it one day we all will die.

- Prasenjit

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