Beyond the hills carpeted green
I see, like axon the rays of sun stretches out
To touch the splendor of creation
Made of mountains and hills,
Trees and plants
Oceans and rivers
Man and beasts.

In the light of sun’s greatness
The night slowly ceased unto oblivion
Mysterious understanding occurred somewhere
In the plane invisible to the naked eyes
That when the sun walks in
The night shall gradually retreat
And, so like wise.

And, the chirping birds
Breaks the morning silence
And leaves dances gaily
To the wild melodious chirps.
Branches hardened over the years
Too, happily sways to the gentleness of wind
A sign of wondrous happenings in nature
That each of us cares less to appreciate.

Yonder, I hear the gurgling laughter
Of an infant river rushing to the sea
And along the way entertaining our ears
As she gently negotiate the bends of earth,
Beasts that roam the forest
All gathers by the river
Some looks for prey
Some to have a dip
While many to sip.

In the middle of all these
Skies of bright bluish aura
Blesses us all with promise
Of another day of joy and peace.
Widely covering the universe
This unfathomable layer
Will remain visibly invisible, forever.

The metallic brown of sunlit spread
Makes the earth glow in bliss
As we step on her without a thank you
For giving us the base to step on,
And the wind continuously being gracious
Carrying out its dedicated service
Yet we mankind, the king of creation
Forgetting the crown, we rarely thank her
for allowing the breathing seconds to pass by.

Nature is indeed in a superior stature
Pain and pleasure an equal experience
She never succumb to our whimsical tales
That speaks of harrowing sorrows
And temporal happiness to fill the gap.

by cyclopseven Ram

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