Nature 6 - Nature Glows With Rain Drops

Nature has several messages,
In its own curious ways,
When the monsoon arrives with a thunder,
The nature glows with wonder!

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Click to read full poem

Comments about Nature 6 - Nature Glows With Rain Drops

Bernard F. Asuncion 10 Sep 01:04
A well composed piece. Truly impressive....10++++++
Valsa George 08 Sep 08:51
Enjoyed this beautifully rhyming poem like the first shower of monsoon rains! As the rain, this poem also radiates a total feeling of rejuvenation! A sure 10
Mj Lemon 07 Sep 11:55
It is a celebration, one of " flowing jubilation." ! I notice that when the winds arrive, the garden here is dancing. Wonderful imagery, Geeta. This verse goes to myfavourites.
Typo... carried to the rest of the plant. A good balance raindrops can lead to faster growing plants. A well expressed poem.
A marvelous write. The effects of raindrops on nature is beautifully painted on the canvas of this well crafted poem. Raindrops could free nutrients and minerals in the soil the plant needs to survive. As the soil absorbs rainwater, the nutrients that it captures will be caried to the rest of the plant that makes it glow. Beautifully written and conveyed.
Kumarmani Mahakul 30 Aug 07:28
The trees welcome the monsoon with open arms, Spreading its branches without any qualms, The brown earth drinks the pouring rains, A balm to the dried-up earthy terrains! .... fantastic expression. A beautiful imaginary poem is amazingly shared with attractive graphic. Enjoyed. Full vote dear madam.
Edward Kofi Louis 30 Aug 04:09
Flowing jubilation! ! ! ! ! Muse of the rain from the heavens! 🌧🎶🌿🧚‍♀️✍ Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Rajnish Manga 30 Aug 02:46
What a landscape artist can't possibly do, you have been doing it by converting the words into images of visual delight in your 'Nature' series. This poem is also a class apart. It fills us with joy when the entire nature is awash under the showers of rain. Thanks, Geeta ji. Simply marvelous: : colourful brightness.... delightful cheerfulness, glowing exhilaration.... flowing jubilation!