You Looked For Me But

You looked for me but now that time is gone for ever,
And all the joy we shared is lost, as I can see.
You are unfaithful to me, and you lost my favour,
You're quite different from what you used to be.

My moans and grieves are torments
You know how it can be.
Recall the happy moments
When you did care for me.

Look at the places where you and I have dated
They'll help us to recall the way it used to be.
Where are my joys? Where is your passion, fated?
Theу're gone and never ever will come back to me.

Another life is here;
But did I wait for it?
Gone are my life, so dear,
My hope, and dream, so sweet.

I am unhappy to have met you, so elated,
It started with the painful torments that I feel,
I was unhappy to be charmed by you and tempted
And worst unhappy to adore and love you still.

You caused an inflammation
And heated up my blood.
Why have you turned affection
To enmity, so hard?

But what's the use of worrying and grieving
When, having lost my freedom, my passion I retain.
And what's the use of blaming and revealing,
You do not love me - all my arguments are vain.

You've overwhelmed me, really,
Forgetting all at one:
The way you loved me dearly,
The time when we had fun.

Translated by Alec Vagapov

by Alexander Sumarokov

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It is very nice and very good.