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Nature And I (At Sea)
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Nature And I (At Sea)

Poem By Adam F. Misterka

The phosphoresce on the waves
early in morning with rising sun
glimmering through fragrant gentle breeze
with spark of silvery beams
on coming or retreating sea
singing delightful sing naturally free. There is nothing so soothing, so healing
to the mind to the soul of one,
as the peace and harmony of nature
felt magically within and without
with the sense of glorious elation
deep penetrating in unspoiled motion. In that center of passing occurrences
cordial with power to definitive laws,
perception of reality reviling and grow
in beauty of life my and all existence
assemble between matter and spirit
to live with it and develop all of it. I felt united and part of the morning
part of the air, sky, moving of the sea,
this made for me, is me was and always be
if I know and agree to govern it as a king.

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