Nature And The Poet

In a night of full moon and sleepy stars
when his eyes started traveling up in the skies
she looked at him with a humiliating smile
she thought
how he could climb to the closed windows
and see her striping in her room.
The sun was guarding the room from the rear.
And moon with his army of billion stars
was in front of the room.
She forgot the Milky Ways
Always open for the lovers.
She ignored a crazy lover.
She ignored the tree of love
she has herself planted.
She forgot the winds that bring the branches
with thousands of green leaves
kissing the transparent glasses.
The loving tree struck the glasses
with colorful perfumed flowers
but could not break it.
She never knew her love is mightier than her,
and can perform miracles unseen
His hot sighs and hot tears melted the glass
and while striping she saw him in front of her
She did her best to conceal her smile of adore,
Being failed
she had no alternate but to hide herself in his arms.
The naughty visitor returned the smile
and said, My Fair Lady! Dress up,
dress up yourself in the best dress you have
we shall walk on the Milky Ways,
so we must look like a lovely couple.
Miss Nature if anyone asks your name
reply confidently you are Mrs. Poet.
Let me whisper in your ears
These illiterate guards of the highways
though not afraid of anyone else
but are always afraid of an exposing poet.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (4)

Your imagination is only surpass by the eloquence of your pen. Thank you sir for blending nature with love and sharing it with us.
What an amazing poem from the poet....the way you imagine things is extraordinary one can surpass thanks a lot for this greatly appealing work
….so we must look like a lovely couple/Miss Nature if anyone asks your name/reply confidently you are Mrs. Poet…beautiful expression, loved reading it ….10
Dreamy and so romantuc a feast of beautuful imagery as the two lovers with nature's warm caress and a poet's mighty sword of defence his words that dance with a love so pure! Superb write!