When frustrated and tense
World and life make no sense
Call on me

When you're caught in that storm
And you need to feel warm
Reach for me

When your heart's on the floor
And you can take no more
Lean on me

When you feel you've no love
And you're looking above
Look for me

When emotions are spent
And your rage you must vent
Give it me

When the world's on your back
And resilience you lack
Draw on me

When there's nothing you can do
But you need to pull through
Depend on me

And in the darkest of night
When with demons you fight
Think of me

When your soul's lost it's fire
And a spark you desire
Talk to me

When hope's all but lost
And you're feeling the cost
Believe in me

At the end of your tether
When all pains come together
Come to me

by Esra Sloblock

Comments (4)

Your imagination is only surpass by the eloquence of your pen. Thank you sir for blending nature with love and sharing it with us.
What an amazing poem from the poet....the way you imagine things is extraordinary one can surpass thanks a lot for this greatly appealing work
….so we must look like a lovely couple/Miss Nature if anyone asks your name/reply confidently you are Mrs. Poet…beautiful expression, loved reading it ….10
Dreamy and so romantuc a feast of beautuful imagery as the two lovers with nature's warm caress and a poet's mighty sword of defence his words that dance with a love so pure! Superb write!