Nature At Its Best!

In walks across the countryside,
What wondrous sights these eyes have spied -
From foxes darting clean away
To badgers when they're lost in play!
A butterfly flits past my face
Another flower to embrace!
Perchance and serendipity
A flying eagle I might see...
An otter's seldom seen, and yet,
It happened once - I'll not forget!
I don't catch fish, I watch them swim -
Mid waters clear and waters dim.
Both frogs and salmon like to leap
From waters shallow, waters deep...
Binoculars assist me well,
Across the meadow, hill and dell...
I write down species one by one,
As this itself adds to the fun!
From nature books I swot and swot!
It's great to know I've learnt a lot!
I hear the calls of many birds -
It's almost like they're speaking words!
I like the redbreast robin most!
It's humble without need to boast!
Two hedgehogs visit now and then...
I've called one 'Bill', the other 'Ben'!
I like God's creatures near or far...
In fact, to me, each one's a star!
They're not all noble like the horse,
Yet they all bless my nature course!

by Denis Martindale

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