Nature At Work

Have you seen a rainbow in the sky the way it arches
up high with both ends anchored in the ground
With its beautiful array of colors to be seen
for miles around,

Also have you seen the lightening flash and then
heard the thunder roll and felt the wind blow
hard and cold and when clouds gather darkly in the
sky and the rain comes down sometimes gently and
other times hard and involved in a storm it is
another act of nature performed before our eyes

Also a beautiful day with the sun shinning bright
and followed by a pleasant evening with a gentle
breeze blowing through the trees and a nite with
a bright moon and stars shinning above.
that brings a beautiful nite with a pleasant light
for you and me, the spectators who really enjoy the
sight we see - Thank you Dear Lord for this great
array of works of nature.

by Malvin L. Brown

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