Nature Brought Into Play. (Fish Tank)

(1) From far and near they come,
To see nature succumb,
Exhibiting exotic fishes of all kind,
Gracing this vast man made ocean,
Meandering in a circular motion,
And alleviating the built up tension.

(2) Verigated corals and reefs,
Adorn the tank in unbelief,
As red yellow and white fishes,
helter-skelter along,
As counterparts with bright yellow colors
And piercing black and yellow eyes frolic

(3) Still beneath the white sands,
Interwoven with corals and reefs
Emerge and long dark purple and white eel
Crawling in and out of the crevices unsealed,
Children and parents rave with delight,
When this great magnitude of elegance ignite.

by Esmie Neufville

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