IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Nature Has The Final Say For Yoonos Peerbocus

They tried a cordon sanitaire
in an attempt to stop the spread.
The virulence was every where
the lucky ones already dead.

From whence it came nobody knew
but its effect were obvious.
Its early symptoms like the flu
becoming quickly serious.

The victims were in constant pain
their lungs were filled with bloody pus.
They tried to treat but all in vain
its spread was fast and furious.

The first case was in Singapore
a German girl on holiday
but all too quickly there were more
the numbers rising every day.

Mutated flu or something new.
The virus had immunity
to every drug the doctors knew
spread here and there sporadically.

All movements in and out were banned
by the world health authority
The experts could not understand
the cause of this calamity.

As usual they were too late
too many tourists had passed through
the airports of this island state
and where they the germs went too.

It spread to every continent,
Girdled he world at lightning speed.
Precautions proved incompetent
there was no way they could succeed.

Man had been warned: Chose to ignore
Though Nature made her warnings plain.
She did as she has done before
Restored the balance once again.

Reduced the numbers ruthlessly.
The fittest would survive to breed.
Though they would struggle painfully.
I have no doubt they will succeed.

Civilisations come and go
but nature has the final say.
She knows how far to let them grow.
Disaster can strike any day.

The time has come it must be said
Too many mouths too little food
the human race has over bred.
The future is not looking good.

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Comments (4)

This is a good poem, it talks about reality, 'if we destroys nature's fence, we can only receive the death sentence.' The style too is definitely to my taste! Can we have some more please?
i'm still new and inexperienced. however, even I can say that you're poem is wonderful.
beautiful construction...amazing rythmn..and a subject i feel just as passionately about.thank u indeed.
This is a good poem. I like the way the lines flow. Keep up the good work. You're a good poet.