we all think love is something we feel, but that
is not wat i think. i believe its just something
you say to cover up another hurt or feeling that
is hurting you. yes i have said it and i kno you
have to. wat is your reason? did you get hurt
by your mom, dad, brother, or sister? or is
it a friend that lied to you or stabbed you
in the back. wat evr the reason. you want
to say it but trust me dont. it burns a lot of
hearts and steals a lot of time from your
so called loved one one or you. when u
get hurt dont cover it up. let it out tell them
how you feel. if not i suggest writing it on
a piece of paper or email it to some one
who just might care. these people who try
to actually help and not tell you to let it go
are the people who actually care for u.
you are probably guessin how do i
kno, well im one of those people
who are afraid to let everyone
see their flaws or why they
hurt so much. i dont kno
how i have become to
be the person who
i am talkin about.
but thats who i
am and thats
everything i
kno about

by justin walker

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