Nature Knows.

Poem By Derrick Andrews

The onpour,
Yields more,
Choking rain,
Upon the plain,
Of life,

Yet, some would say,
That on this day,
The rain will simply, wash away,
The sorrows of our yesterdays,
And strife,

Not my words,
For as birds,
Take shelter from the gloom,
Inside a tree, sits a smiling woodpecker, content in his tomb,

Hiding from,
The pain to come,
While watching others splash in puddles,
Glaring at muddy football players knelt in grimy huddles,

Thinking, 'Why are they not inside their homes, like me? '
'Why don't they dash for shelter under yonder oak tree? '
Could it be,
That maybe, I am the one in the rain,
The one wallowing in loneliness, and unwanted disdain,

And that they are running freely,
Despite the sky being a steely,
Off-gray, muddled tint,
Brooding through day, with its own subtle hint,

That things in life won't always be, clear and sunny,
And sometimes you have to laugh, when nothing is funny,
But even then, smile inside, not just externally,
Only then can you live with happiness eternally.

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This is profound..why are they not inside their homes, like me? - amazing lines. Thanks for sharing

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