Nature Lives

Once upon in my life,
i had a spring...
which brought me often,
the smell of roses...
through the half opened windowblinds,
i always used to witness,
the moment; sun slowly rises,
and the flying birds, so far.
i was disturbed usual,
when my mother call me,
to do something, or to have...
When i go through my books,
i used to remind the nature,
which brought me,
so much pleasure,
and so much relief....

once in a midsummer,
when i was observing
the silent nature,
when she was dressed with a,
pretty, light, sunlight...
i found a Mynah...
about to kick the bucket, tiring the most...
by the attack from a crow;
and....i felt tensed, ...sad...,
i saw....., the mynah
where, its soul leaves the body,
and remined dead, , , , ,
and i felt deeply,
the nature around me is nomore......nomore..

by Fayeda Vanimel

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