Nature Of Things

Out at the park on a Saturday eve,
Just lounging around and feeling the breeze,
Observing and studying the birds and bees-
Visions of bats, eagles, and flying insects we see.
When we were in school we laughed at wings,
And all of our mockery with planes and things-
Fish, whales, submarines, and gliding planes,
Flying insects and helicopters hovering any terrain.
Out to Rock and Swing on a Saturday night!
We want to feel the new Rock 'n' Roll might.
We enjoy Two-step, Line, Jitterbug-swing, and Soul.
But give us more 50s and 60s Rock 'n' Roll.
With melody, rhythm, and tremendous energy, music transcends,
Giving our trips on the way home from work a second wind.
We dedicate our weekdays to work helping keep people in flight,
But give us Rock 'n' Roll our Saturday nights.
Home treasures in Labels: Platinum, Silver, and Gold-
Country Western, Cajun, Swing, Blues, and Rock 'n' Roll.
Man has joined birds to dominate the sky.
With sensitive mechanical wings and things, man vies.
But we love the nature of it all.
Making it safe and sure - the call!

by Jean Miles

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