Nature's Burden

Nature was speaking
Privately to me one day
So I stopped to hear
What Nature would say.

I looked at the clouds
I looked at the rain
And realized after them
The earth isn't the same.

I considered the earthquakes
The floods and cyclones
The fires and tornadoes
Then the beauty of the sun.

The moon the stars
The animals and fish
The responsibilty of nature
The atmosphere and its risk.

Yet from this burden
Comes the beauty of man
Who is left to decide
what happens in command.

The burden of Nature
Is to perform its best
Before anyone touches it
Consider the war the test.

by Cecelia Weir

Comments (1)

Cecelia, this is a great poem about mans inability to cast aside war. If only we could all appreciate the beauty of this world and share its treasures, there would be no need for wars. Bob