Nature's Call

The warmth of the newborn air . . .
Sunshine, glistening softly over the Earth below -
Children romping joyfully in the park;
Spring - oh beautiful Spring!
Venturing cautiously towards the path of the 'timely' Season. Love - In the Air; Everywhere -
God's precious creatures of Nature;
Frolicking playfully, through the budding growth
below their feet.
Preparing for the multiplicity for which HE
intended for all creatures & mankind. Embryonic blossoms begin to emerge;
Peeking shyly through the softened earth.
Chirping birds calling, ever so angelically;
For the 'Call of the Wild' has emerged with the whisper of Springtime. Ah, Spring! Nature's apology for Old Man
Winter -
And it's 'quaint' introduction to the gift of Summer.
Where goest the frigid, almost unbearable days of long past?
Nature's call for Spring has finally arrived.

by Brenda S. Landers

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