Nature's Comfort

I only know when flowers bloom,
And waft their scent around my room,
My loneliness seems to depart,
And joy takes over in my heart.

I know as I walk by the stream,
The ripples say 'tis but a dream;
The sadness in my heart today
And all my tears are washed away.

I know as I walk through a wood,
And lift my eyes up as I should,
I see the blue sky high above.
And then I know that God is Love.

I know as I walk down the street
And a neighbor at her gate I meet,
A cheery word and a loving smile
Just make me feel that life's worthwhile.

I know now on returning home
There is no need to feel alone.
Tomorrow I'll make another start,
Hope springs eternal in my heart.

by Eunice Dance

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