Nature's Cycle

The many varied autumn leaves
All colored by the hand of God
Fall gently, swirling to the ground
To cover up the earth we've trod.

Too soon the windy driven snow,
So picturesque and cold and white
Will glaze her magic coverlet
To last through winter's cold dark night.

But even as this all takes place,
The trees, so gaunt, lifeless and bare,
Are silently creating life
For all to see and all to share.

And with the coming of the spring
The sunny days and falling rain
Will stir alive Earth's hidden births
And bring forth Nature's bloom again.

And with the coming of the spring,
When every house or nearby hill
Will hear the singing of the birds
And thrill as Nature is fulfilled.

We too are part of this great scene.
We take our place across the land
And when our final night appears
Reach out to meet God's waiting hand.

by Carol D. Stamp

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