Nature's Judgment

As the winter wears on
The bare trees and twigs
Jutting out like the bones of the impoverished
Tend to say how sad and deserted they are. Then came the beginning of spring,
When I saw the trees,
Scarcely tipped with green leaves and buds
Were in charming air and swaying in honey dew sunshine.
They had new life and nature's delicateness. Then I remember as in nature's way,
I saw my boy and girl, they are equal with
A young woodland sapling.
They are like trees
Growing, smiling, singing in the wind,
Souls are blossoms in nature.
Trees and boys and girls are my democratic love
And have come from far-off Eden.
A flash of nature's judgments, I am breathing in. Oh, my world leader's, my argument is not to
Destroy my trees and generations
But to work for and think for this existing world,
Intently playing with power
We don't need power, we need love.

by Mukhlesur Rahman

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