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Nature's Love Song (A Sonnet)

Nature's Love Song

Aurora's ballad wakes the sleeping Sun
and lulls the Moon to fade and sleep by light;
the Sun sends out his morning rays to shun
the dark and melt the sable cloak of night.
Impassioned by Aurora's blushing arcs
that cross a morning sky of palest blues
imbued with color and resplendent sparks
that arch in sinuous prismatic hues,
the Earth is girdled in a warm embrace
that casts a glow upon the nimbus cloud.
A cerise flush which mounts to Gaia's face
reflects her passion for the Sun, who's proud
to be the one to seed Earth Mother's womb
with energy to tend to nature's bloom.

©2008 Dawn Slanker

by Dawn Slanker

Comments (4)

Yeah, I have to agree with C. H. questioning this as a work in progress. This read like warm butter (I try not to use the word 'flow') and was as clear as HDTV. Purely Dawn-esque in every aspect.
Fade and blushing, definitely. Work in progress? This is done and done well.
Excellent work here Dawn, and what a novel thing to include your readers in the composition. I volunteer fade for the first invite, and blushing in the second case, and for the third I choose flush as it seems to herald the light so well. A very well deserved ten.
lovely verses..nicely written and to read... thanks for sharing.. Ency Bearis