Nature's Prayer

Poem By B.J. Ayers

Nature is calling, through all its tears,
From the snow covered Mountains, to the endless shores,
It delivers a peace, that signifies strength,
From the beginning of time, Throughout the years.

Generations of past, a memory in eternity,
From the tallest of trees, to the oldest of stones,
From the earliest of man, to the end of time,
To share its work, and to honor its fraternity,

From the new born child, to the ageless man,
It sings its song; it cries its tears,
To continue its work, till the end of time,
To share a beauty, that only nature can.

It cries for help, it needs us all,
It continues its plight; to provide for our future,
What time has seen, for an eternity to share?
It cries for help, can we oblige? Can we stand tall?


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